Messages overlap when bot utters multiple time consequently in Rasa X


When i tried to make the bot utter 2 messages consequently in Rasa X, the messages seem to overlap eachother:

The way i did it is:

  • Use dispatcher.utter_message() in a validate function of my FormAction → message 1

  • After my custom action is executed, the bot asked the user to provide information to fill a slot (with an utter template defined in domain.yml) → message 2

Hi there, what version of rasa x are you running?

Sorry for responding late. My rasa X version is 0.19.5

Okay. We released an update yesterday – 0.20.0, that fixed some issues with conversation rendering. Can you try updating?

pip install rasa-x -U

I installed Rasa X version 0.20.0 and tried it out, unfortunately the problem still exists.

Btw when i started Rasa X 0.20.0 with rasa x, this warning showed up:

Version of model 20190730-142103.tar.gz version is not compatible. The model was trained with Rasa version 1.1.6 but the current Rasa requires a minimum version of None.Please retrain your model with a more recent Rasa version.

Everything still works fine so i assume i can ignore that warning ?

Yeah if the model was trained on 1.1.6, it should be fine, as 0.20.0 runs on 1.1.7. To be clear, is it that those messages are still there, or that when you try to talk to the bot again, it happens again?

Yes, it happens again when i try talking to the bot.

Okay. sorry about that ,I’ve reported the bug and we are looking into getting a fix for it!