Rasa X - Human Handoff - Show me messages to left and right


I could setup a working Handoff system between clients and human using my own web app. The only problem i m facing now is that when conversation is paused, the messages from humans (clients or support) are being displayed on the right side (left side for bot). I tried to manipulate type_name (user) and data fields (“event”: “user”) under Rasa database without success. Please advise how can i show customer messages to the left (same as bot) and support messages to the right.

i want a human



You have been transferred to a human agent.


hi chabeb kifkon liom?


Proactive: hamdellah w inta?


tamem, fi problem 3al internet?


Proactive: yalla la chuf


Proactive: fi general problem, 10 mins w btin7all


ok merci


Proactive: tikram


Hi @paolo_1st

Isn’t the location of the message on the chat app handled by the chat app itself? What exactly are you expecting Rasa to do in this situation?

Hi Joe, how are you?

When i pause the conversation during handoff to human, is it possible to show one message to left (customer same as chatbot was before the pause), and another message to the right? The idea is to separate the messages of customer and support. If not possible, i m adding Proactive: to each message received from support ex: Proactive: hi how are you? is it possible to change the color of utter message at least?

I didn’t test it yet under chatroom web widget.

@paolo_1st could you please share with us how u set up the handoff between the client/user and the admin/support ??