Rasa X helm chart several issues

Hi I am deploying Rasa X 1.1.1 and rasa 3.1 using the helm chart in a local kb cluster, however I am facing the following issues:

  • When I connect my github repo the nlu data is not showing up
  • When I try to push changes to the repo or add nlu data in rasa X, version number is replaced with 3.0 (edit: found a workaround, tag domain files with version: "3.0")
  • I can’t upload models to Rasa X (edit: sollution here Rasa-x 1.0.1 compatibility issue with Rasa 2.8.2 & 2.8.17 models - #28 by nonola)
  • I can’t use rasactl to administer the deployment, I get the error
Error: The Rasa X health endpoint has returned status code 400 Bad Request

all the pods in the deployment are in Running status. I am using

  • Ubuntu in WSL 2
  • Default Docker Windows Kubernetes cluster
  • Repo is the rasa init project, unmodified

Has anyone managed the deployment instructions of RasaX to get to work with Rasa3.1?