My-release app error

Hi @Arjaan i recently have just create a new VM again to setup a new rasa x server and I came across this issue after i have done these commands to install rasa x

$ helm repo add rasa-x $ helm --namespace my-namespace install --values values.yml my-release rasa-x/rasa-x

i have found that the issue that my-release app won’t work it has no deployment, no pod and no replicas of course as there were no deployment for the app to be replicate and also the services says there is no endpoint addresses.

kindly help me on this

Hi @stevelam15 ,

This looks like an issue introduced with the latest release Rasa X 0.38.1.

It seems that the helm chart is trying to install the rasa-x-demo action server with the same version 0.38.1, but it does not exist.

I need to dig a little deeper to check why this is happening, but what will fix it is to add this to your values.yml:

# action server image
    name: "rasa/rasa-x-demo"
    tag: "0.38.0"

i will give it a try, appreciate! :smile: