Recommended deployment of Rasa OSS and Rasa X does not work


I am trying to deploy the new Rasa X version and change our deployment to use the Rasa-OSS helm chart as the Rasa X helm chart deployment of Rasa OSS is deprecated.

As far as I can tell, this does not work.

What I would like to achieve: Rasa X

  • Set up as model server
  • Linked to external Rasa-OSS deployment for production
  • Linked to separate Rasa OSS deployment for the worker


  • Uses Rasa X for config endpoint

Currently the secret keys don’t match for the same secret across helm charts, which makes it difficult to configure. Additionally, the secrets in the Rasa OSS deployment must be added to the values file, directly which is poor practice. I can use external secrets in the Rasa X helm deployment.

It would also help to have this all properly documented. To try and debug this, we have had to go through each template file to see what the logic is doing, as the comments don’t match the code.

Should I just ignore the Rasa OSS helm chart, and deploy everything using the Rasa X chart as before? Seems a bit silly if the Rasa X chart explicitly states that this method is deprecated.

Any help would be appreciated, as this has been quite a pain so far, and it is still not working.

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Man this stuff is driving me bonkers! (forgive my language). I’ve been trying for over a week to get this working. Does anyone have a recipe for implementing Rasa X v.3 and Rasa OSS v.3 with a helm chart?

Hey Johan,

Glad I’m not the only one struggling. Based upon what I’ve gone through to get this working, I don’t believe very many people have taken a Rasa bot to production in a good way.

Maybe if you have a blank Kubernetes cluster dedicated to Rasa, without any security practices the helm chart will work fine.

I nearly have everything working now. I can provide you some guidance once I have the final bit working, but for now you can have a look at the issues I’ve opened on Github to point you in the right direction.

Most of the issues lie with the Network Policies being broken. The Rasa X policies can work with the rasa-oss but you need to add a component label to the rasa pod that matches “rasa-production” and “rasa-worker” (I disabled worker, although this just seemed to break things more and haven’t gotten down to investigate it).

Everything was a pain to debug, took over a week of time and left a sour experience in the mouth.

You can see all the issues I opened on their Github repositories here: For the Rasa chart:

For the Rasa-X chart: