Rasa X changes domain.yml on startup

When i try to run rasa x it rearranges my domain.yml and gives the following error:

When i train and use shell on the unchanged domain.yml it works, once i use rasa x the same error appears when i try training with the new domain. My rasa version is 1.1.7 and my rasa-x 0.19.5.

Does anyone know why rasa x changes the domain on startup?

Can you post the original and modified domains?

Unfortunately i cannot share the domain. The issues are german umlauts like in Encoding error · Issue #16 · RasaHQ/rasa-x-demo · GitHub

This should be fixed on the latest version so long as you create a new domain file (the old one was probably saved with the wrong encoding so you’ll need a new file itself)


Version: 0.21.4 works fine for me now.

Glad to hear it!