Rasa X domain splitting issues

Version: Rasa X 0.39.3

I’m trying to use domain splitting and Rasa X (currently on 0.39.3) and it doesn’t seem to work the way I want it too, wondering if anyone at rasa or fellow community member has been able to get it working.

I just installed a quick local rasa project with x and OSS v. 2.5.1. I can click new domain file and add one new intent. it creates a new file called domain-1.yml in the root dir. Now I want to move domain files to a data/domain directory. When I boot up rasa x again it gives warning about stories not existing in domain and it recreates a basic domain from the stories files.

I’ve tried running rasa x command with --domain then data/ ./data/ ./data/domain/ data/domain

none of which stop it from recreating a new domain file and not reading the two domain files. the file that Rasa x created when I saved after adding an intent looks like this

version: '2.0'
  store_entities_as_slots: true
  session_expiration_time: 60
  carry_over_slots_to_new_session: true
- greet_greet:
    use_entities: true
entities: []
slots: {}
responses: {}
- utter_greet_greet
forms: {}
e2e_actions: []

Am I missing something? or is it not fully supported in X?

Howdy, After creating new domain file I believe u might be encouraged to run rasa data validate and afterwards rasa train This way you can run rasa x with new changes

P.S what’s up with ur domain path?