Rasa-X Docker stack - change action server locale

Hello, I have a Rasa X Docker Stack and I want to make sure that date formats are uttered by the action server in the locale language German. I understood, that I can use the “locale” package for this. I tried this: locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, "de_DE.utf8")

To make this work, I tried adding an installation of the locale via the dockerfile but when I build the action-server image, it does not know how to download this locale. How do I need to modiy the docker file to install it?

There’s a complete example of an action server that imports modules and builds a docker image in our Sara rasa-demo bot.

In the actions directory you’ll find the requirements-actions.txt and in the root of the project you’ll find the Dockerfile that builds the image.

There’s also a full github-actions pipeline that automates the process.