Specify action server from local Docker image - Rasa X 1.1.0

Hello team!. I’ve posted a similar question already, but since I got no reply I would like to re-phrase it. I’m trying to make a specific instance of Rasa X use a certain Custom Actions Server. For this, I’ve created a Docker image of the actions code and uploaded it to DockerHub, then pulled this image from the machine in where I have Rasa X 1.1.0 installed.

Is there a way with “rasactl” to upgrade the instance so it uses this image for the Custom Actions Server? I saw in the configuration used to create/upgrade an instance options like this:

  # default is to install action server from image.
  install: true
  # if install is set to false, the url to the existing action server can be configured by setting existingUrl.
  # #existingUrl: http://myactionserver:5055/webhook
  # override the default command to run in the container
  command: []
  # override the default arguments to run in the container
  args: []
  # name of the custom action server image to use
  name: "rasa/rasa-x-demo"
  # tag refers to the custom action server image tag
  tag: "0.38.0"

So I was hoping to change the “name” and “tag” fields and make them reference to the new local Docker image, but it doesn’t seem to be working (the upgrade remains stuck and then I get a timeout).

Any other ideas?