Rasa X docker installation on GCP refused connection for API port 5005

Hi, I hope I’m not duplicating the topic since I haven’t found about this topic yet.

the API on Rasa X docker installation doesn’t work. so I have installed Rasa X using this guide

since this link is the only one works for me… I have figured how to connect my subdomain and firewall issue on GCP but I still can’t connect the Rasa API

I can use Rasa X API though this is my docker-compose.yml

If I build Rasa Open source without Rasa X, I can connect the API. so How do I solve this issues? please help me, because I want to use rasa x with API.

To access the Rasa OSS endpoints you can curl <your-address>/core/<rasa OSS endpoint> e.g. curl localhost/core/version. This is because the Rasa service isn’t exposed to the world directly, but via Nginx, which uses the /core subroute for Rasa OSS service. You can check out the nginx config by looking at the rasax.nginx.template file that should be in the /etc/rasa/nginx-config-files .

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