Nginx container: connection refused?


I’m trying to write a guide on setting up RasaX on a pure Windows machine.

I’ve managed to successfully spin up all the containers for RasaX in a Windows environment (by following the Docker-Compose Manual instructions). However, trying to run localhost:80 on my browser returns a 502 error, and a look at the nginx container logs gives me this information.

It appears the rasa-x container is refusing a connection despite being up and running. I’m also curious about this mysterious IP that nginx is logging, namely It doesn’t seem to be defined in the compose file anywhere.

Any ideas?

Hi @ActuallyAcey,

I appreciate your determination to get this to work on a pure Windows machine. I am looking into it myself too right now. I would like to have a web-meeting with you to review your issues.

Can you send an email to with subject “deployment help” and I will then jump on a call with you.