Version: Rasa X 0.35.0 Hey, i am confused about something. Can anyone look at the two screenshots below and let me know why the second one displays an error while the first once works fine? Any help would be appreciated!!

@JiteshGaikwad, i have seen you commenting on similar issues in many of the posts, could you help?

@Horizon733 could you help by any chance?

Yes because you have to turn on the endpoints server you can use the following command to do that
rasa run -m models --enable-api --endpoints endpoints.yml

Security tip:
Never disclose your Ip on public forum it also discloses your location and you might get some security issues

Any doubts you can ask

Hey @Horizon733 , that doesn’t help unfortunately. Also thanks so much for the tip! It completely skipped my mind.

Btw - i have deployed my bot on gcp using docker compose (The Rasa Masterclass Handbook: Episode 9)

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Oh so the issue might be with port, since 5005 might not be accessible publically so make sure you check that too

Hey @ria.pinjani can you please attach the screenshot of the error

@Horizon733 i used port 80 as mentioned here Deploy to a Server

Yeah so how will you get 5005 port if it’s not opened in public. Open it publically and then run the url that you were trying it will work

@Horizon733 i am using port 80 which is open.

Oh yes, I didn’t saw the new screen shot, it’s because the 80 isn’t for webhooks while running the command you have specify the port with -p PORT then it will run on 80 port else it’s always on 5005