Rasa X: Docker-compose - Can't train my model


I can’t train my model with the rasa x gui, a popup tell me that nothing change but when I looked in my shell I saw this error:

rasa-x_1 | ERROR:rasax.community.api.blueprints.models:Cannot connect to host app:5005 ssl:default [Connection refused]

Here is my whole log from docker-compose: log (34.6 KB)

I used this docker-compose: docker-compose.yml (4.1 KB)

Then override the service app with my own image build from this Dockerfile: Dockerfile (1.4 KB)

I used the exemple of the dockerfile from here.

So now I’ve got my docker with spacy_fr_md for this two services, rasa-production & rasa-worker service. Here is the Dockerfile: Dockerfile (1.8 KB)

And I’m stuck with the same error about Cannot conntect to host app:5005 ssl default [Connection refused]

But now my models (train locally) aren’t compatible: INFO:rasax.community.services.model_service:Deleting all tags from model '20200508-112741' since its current version 1.10.0 does not suffice the minimum compatible version 1.11.0a1

I started again from scratch, but this time instead of using the “Docker-Compose Quick Install” from the doc, I went with “Docker-Compose Manual Install”.

With this change, I can train my model, but I was stuck with a muted bot…

And I remembered reading somewhere in the doc that rasa X was only compatible with few browsers… So don’t use chromium with rasa X, it wont work at all…