RASA X validation domain.yml

I am using Rasa x and I want to train the model but it seems to have problems. I found these errors in the domain file but the documentation does not add the custom actions to the train data.

I believe these are just warning and they’re not important.

For more verbose debugging, try training from the command line.

ahh ok. I thought that was the problem . I still can’t train the model! any suggestion?

Did you try rasa train from the command line?

If yes and it failed, can you show me the output?

I want to train through rasa x. Now Im using docker compose with the structure is like this:docker-compose.ce (1).yml (5.2 KB)

@kabirivan you trying to train the model using docker-compose, can you share which command you mentioned in the docker-compose.yml ?

This is some screenshots of docker-compose. It is similar to rasa-x-playbook