Rasa-X Docker can't talk to bot

RASA_X_VERSION=0.39.3 RASA_VERSION=2.4.0 RASA_X_DEMO_VERSION=0.38.0 OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS


I’m having trouble getting Rasa-X Server to work properly. I have installed via the Docker quick installation tutorial and connected my git-repo containing my files from local rasa testing. No other modification to the default installation were made.

The web-UI loads normally, i can edit intents, stories, rules; i can train a model, which also works (tested by extracting the model.tar.gz from rasa-worker_1 and running it locally with rasa shell.

What doesn’t work is the “Talk to your Bot” feature, which just gives me an endless loading sign (pulsing “…” on the bots side of the chat). Same applies to “Share your Bot”

i also tired reinstalling rasa-x, not connecting git, and just uploading a working model. Set it as active, “Talk to your bot” replies nothing.

Can anyone help with this, it’s really frustrating -.-’

@kbr-r sounds like a similar issue to what’s described in this post. Could you try one of the solutions here to see if it resolves your issue?


i read like 20 issues and forum posts and did not find this one. this actually resolved my issue. :wink: thank you very much