Rasa X debug deployment of new instance

Hello Team!. Is there a way to debug the error behind a command that creates a new Rasa X instance? It gets stuck in “Deploying Rasa X …” and I don’t know why. Just to clarify, I’m using:

sudo rasactl start --create --values-file values.yml to create it.


you can add --verbose to your command :slight_smile:

I have, but it’s not showing a clear error either.

Can you please share your values.yml file. Do you have several rasax instances running on this server (rasactl ls)

Hey @soerenetler. Thanks for replying again and sorry for my delay. I have only one instance. What I’m trying to do is use the Docker image for installing the custom action server in the instance from a private repo.

I was able to make it work using a public repo, but then I switched to a private one and followed the tutorial covered here to do so.

Here’s what I have in the config that I use to upgrade the instance after it was created:

  install: true
  name: "username/repo_name"
  tag: "repo_tag"
  - name: "secret_name"

As you might imagine, I created a secret using kubectl inside the namespace of this instance after creating the instance but before upgrading it. Such secret is called “secret_name”.

I don’t know what’s wrong and from the “–verbose” mode I can’t tell anything.

What do you use as secret_name? I assume all values a filled in correctly.

Can you try adding the namespace to the command? rasactl start my-namespace (without the --create falg, because the deployment already exists.

What does --verbose tell you. Which step does the deployment stop in?