Pulling action server image from a private registry

Hello Team!. I’m having difficulties at trying to pull the actions server Docker image from a private registry. So far, I was able to make it work but using a public registry. Now I would like to switch to a private one.

What I’ve done so far is follow this tutorial, but the instance I want to create using this private repo does never get deployed (it gets stuck at “Deploying Rasa X”). What I did was:

  1. Created a new secret using kubectl
  2. Added the “image” tag with the information for such secret in the values.yml config file.
  3. Created a new instance using this “values.yml” file, but it doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Even I am facing the same issue. Any help would be appreciated.

I figured out the issue. you need to create secret in the namespace of the cluster

  • Do docker login
  • Generate secret in namespace
kubectl create secret generic regcred \
    --from-file=.dockerconfigjson=/home/ubuntu/.docker/config.json \
    --type=kubernetes.io/dockerconfigjson \
  • registry in action-values.yml will contain:
registry: docker.io
## Define the rasa image to work with
  # -- Action Server image name to use (relative to `registry`)
  name: <docker_user_name>/<repo_name>

  # -- Action Server image tag to use
  tag: latest

  # -- Override default registry + image.name for Action Server
  repository: ""

  # -- Action Server image pullPolicy
  pullPolicy: Always

  # -- Action Server repository pullSecret
  ## See https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/containers/images/#specifying-imagepullsecrets-on-a-pod
    - name : regcred