Rasa X - "Correct this" button not working

Hi, I downloaded RASA X. When I hover over a conversation, I see a button called “Correct this”. Clicking that results in error.

2019-11-15 12:22:38 WARNING  rasa.server  - Append event called, but could not extract a valid event. Request JSON: []
2019-11-15 12:22:38 WARNING  rasax.community.api.blueprints.stack  - Updating events for sender 'bff9d39ad7574eaf82668c03db577ed4' failed. Error: 400, Bad Request, body='b'{"version":"1.4.5","status":"failure","message":"Couldn\'t extract a proper event from the request body.","reason":"BadRequest","details":{"parameter":"","in":"body"},"help":null,"code":400}''

Hi @angshuman-agarwal,

Is this still an issue for you?

Note that we have new Quick Installation instructions for Rasa X.