Custom output payloadd

The custom payload is coming like this

MY code below: gt = { “attachment”: { “type”: “template”, “payload”: { “template_type”: “generic”, “elements”: [ { “title”: “Welcome! 1”, “image_url”: “”, “subtitle”: “We have the right hat for everyone.”, “default_action”: { “type”: “web_url”, “url”: “”, “webview_height_ratio”: “tall”, }, “buttons”: [ { “type”: “web_url”, “url”: “”, “title”: “View Website” }, { “type”: “postback”, “title”: “Start Chatting”, “payload”: “DEVELOPER_DEFINED_PAYLOAD” } ] } dispatcher.utter_custom_json(gt)

i want output like this image Please help me @Juste @jason @JiteshGaikwand @samscudder @erohmensing @Bunny99


Are you using the Facebook Messenger Connector? Have you verified you are following the Custom Output Payload format correctly?

Paste the responses/templates section from your domain.yml.

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