How to send custom payload to Rasa core output?

The default payload of Rasa core REST API only has recipient_id, text, button and attachment

So how can I send extra information such as the last executed action and intent to the output?

For now, I decide to use custom tracker store to store the intent and action into my database. Then, I can retrieve it in my custom server. So I solved my problem without needing to set custom output payload.

But, I am not sure if anyone else has any use cases that still require setting custom output payload. So, you may keep this thread open if you want.

Hey there @psfr937! What version of core are you using? We actually added the ability to send custom output payloads to the output channel in rasa 1.0. You can do this by adding the - custom: field to the utterance (docs here) or by calling dispatcher.utter_custom_json() from your custom actions code.


Hi @erohmensing Is there any way to send both ā€œ- text:ā€ and ā€œ- custom:ā€ at the same time. for the custom channel. Also is their any way to send channel specific uttterances with custom payload ā€œ- custom:ā€ Iā€™m facing issues as I have to run the same assistant on other channels as well.

So what iā€™m looking at sending the ā€œ- custom:ā€ specifically for my channel

@erohmensing I have issue with custom data. The data is not received on the client side. Does Rasa needs run using custom connector?