Rasa X alternative

I am newbie to Rasa X. Not sure if there are other like me, but I haven’t found Rasa X useful so far and hence looking for alternatives.

I found whole approach of setting up Rasa X for production use and using Rasa X complex, and on top of that cost of infra for kubernetes based deployment seems quite high.

My only requirement as of now is to get following:

  1. Stats around conversations
  2. Drill down to conversations to see if something hasn’t gone as expected

If there are simpler alternative with low cost of management or Free tier of Rasa X SaaS offering, i would like to try those.


Rasa X is actually a conversational driven tool to help you improve your models and bot conversations, not a monitoring tool.

ELK connected to rabbitnq event broker seems a better approach, or kafka-prometheus-grafana. This blog talks about it and may help.