Alternatives to RASA X

Hi guys, I can’t seem to find an opne source web admin user interface fro RASA. I mean a GUI to edit utterances, intents, entities and possibly stories. Also a way to take a look at past conversations and bot analytics.

  • Rasa-X is now enterprise only
  • Botfront is not maintained
  • RASA-UI latest commit was two years ago

Do you happen to know an open source admin panel for RASA?I plan to use it and also contribute… thank you a lot!



Interesting question!

If there are any, I wonder what that means both to Rasa Open Source and the Rasa company? And although you ask for open source alternatives, I know there already are commercial alternatives for Rasa X, including front-ends and support.

While realizing, that Rasa Open Source really is open source so anyone can contribute to it and use it, it raises the question: “When it comes to apps that support the CDD concept, being alternatives for Rasa Enterprise, how do these influence Rasa company?”

For example:

  1. Would Rasa still go on supporting and developping Rasa Open Source, including concepts, machine learning, seminars, documentation, tutorials etcetera?
  2. Could it even be that others are competing Rasa Enterpise and company out of the market?
  3. Or is it a normal, healthy and fair competition in a free market?

Wonder how #Rasa #Company looks at this?


Hi @HermanH ,

I guess it’s the same for what happened to WordPress and Automattic. WordPress is open source and Automattic (the main maintainer) built a lot of additional tooling around it for enterprises. On the side, there is a rich (both open source and commercial) ecosystem for long tail necessities, small companies, freelancers and students.

Also note, without an open source strategy RASA (nor WordPress) would have never become so big. I get it, it’s hard for the company to keep the bottom line while giving away code for free, but there is a balance there.


Yeah, you’re definitely right.

I’m in a situation where I’m literally advocating the adoption of Rasa at my company, and seeing that Rasa-X is no community longer supported, I’m not sure I feel comfortable demoing it.

After that I’m not sure how I’m supposed to not advocate for dialogflow since it seems vastly cheaper.

I do hope Rasa can obtain the funding and sustainability they need.

  • IBM Watson Assistant.
  • Convy.AI.
  • Bot Framework.

do they seem open source to you?

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@pieroit What did you end up going with?