Is it possible to add new features on top of rasa x

I hv been running rasa x via docker image. Is there any other way to add / modify rasa x.?

RasaX is closed-source. I don’t think you’re allowed to modify it. You CAN modify the code for the bot itself, however, as Rasa itself is open-source.

hi @MaliahRajan - @ActuallyAcey is correct. What would you like to see in Rasa X that it doesn’t have currently?

@amn41 , Im trying to build a virtual assistance that should be maintained through rasa x. so adding up analytics , real time monitors and reporting based on chat history / per user will add up value to current rasa x ( community edition ).

Let me know If this objective can be achieved through any other way.

Hi @MaliahRajan,

thanks for your feedback and ideas :tada: Can you please elaborate a bit on the single parts?

  • Analytics: Which parts do you want to cover and how do you want to use the insights?
  • Real time monitoring: Monitoring of the deployment or the assistant’s conversations? What is the target audience of the monitoring?
  • Reporting: Would that be a sample from the analytics or is there some additional information in it? Which stakeholders would this report be for?

Hi @Tobias_Wochinger, These are just my thoughts of customizing rasa x into a product that brings out the actual outcome of our virtual assistant.

  • Analytics :
    • Who are our users, channel they come from, region they come from, time.
    • For what purpose our virtual assistant is been used most. ( Eg.FAQ - 90%, Making appointment - 10%)
    • Conversion of conversation into orders - revenue our assistant generating.
  • Real time monitoring :
    • Targe Audience : Backend users who are incharge of handling orders / managing bots.
    • Conversations monitoring & human take over if bot fails at some point.
  • Reporting :
    • Standard reporting from our analytics
    • Automated reporting to administrators on certain cases. (Eg. Error increased by 30%, Unusual user volume)

Looking forward for better solution :crossed_fingers: