RASA X - 3.0?

Hi there!

When will we see a compatible version of Rasa X with Rasa 3.0 ?


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@nonola The answer is very soon!

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I’m waiting for this answer too.

In Compatibility Matrix page, the latest supported version of Rasa Open Source is 2.8.x

Do you know how long it will take? We have a university project for a month and want to use RasaX. Would be nice if we could also use the new Rasa 3.0

@statimo I can understand your excitement for the rasa 3 with rasa x, honestly, I have no idea but maybe very soon. I will check with the team for you till then explore rasa 3.0 and share the feedback with us.


any new informations, when we can use rasa-x with rasa 3.0?

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is there any update?

You can keep checking the Compatibility Matrix for updates :slight_smile:

Hi, :wave:
I am a newbie to RASA and so far I just used RASA X to review & annotate the conversations me and my colleagues had with the bot. Is there a free and easy to set up alternative that I could use instead of RASA X? :woman_shrugging: I upgraded my project in January to RASA 3.0 and I need to review and annotate the conversations my colleagues had with the bot…
I use a SQLite 3 database to store the conversations.
Suggestions are very much apprechiated :blush:
Thanks, Vio

Hi @vio_lovis !

Can you tell me how did you managed to connect SQLite 3 database to store the conversations? Thanks a lot!

Hi @nonola,
sure! Please keep in mind that I am completely unexperience and I gather all my informations here in the RASA Forum or online. So, what I did to store the conversations locally on my machine:

  1. Install sqlite3 (in my case, a conda envirnoment: conda install -c anaconda sqlite)
  2. create a database for the storage of the RASA conversations: sqlite3 rasa_conversations.db
  3. add the following code to the endpoint.yml:
    type: SQL
    dialect: "sqlite"
    url: # (optional) host of the sql db
    db: "rasa_conversations.db"
    username: # username
    password: # password
    query: # optional dictionary to be added as a query string to the connection url
      driver: my-driver
  1. to start RASA using your SQL backend, add the --endpoints flag: rasa run --endpoints endpoints.yml

I hope that was helpful to you!
Ciao, Vio


Thanks a por @vio_lovis !