Introducing Rasa X 0.21: Bringing Key Features of Rasa into Rasa X

Hey Rasas!

Rasa X 0.21 was released today and includes improved support for the things you love in Rasa as well as updates to the features you already use in Rasa X. Check out the blog post for it here.

We are thinking about how to make Rasa X work with the other tools you use to build contextual assistants.

What tools do you use to build with Rasa (e.g. Git, Jenkins, Elastic, Botmock, Dashbot)?

Let us know below. We would love to hear about how you structure and approach building and shipping conversational AI, so we can better fit Rasa X into those workflows.

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Is Rasa X 0.21.0 compatible with Rasa 1.3.6? And where can I find that information in the future?

(We can’t do auto-upgrades because we use a custom Docker image.)

@intranetchris Yes, Rasa X 0.21 is compatible with Rasa 1.3.6. We are working on a compatibility matrix, so it should be more transparent in the future

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We use docker images (as in buildah+podman toolchain), GitLab CI and chatroom JS lib as a frontend web chat library.

Hi @jkohl! What is part of your continuous integration pipeline?