Rasa X 0.23.2 can not started


I can’t start the project on Rasa X’s 0.23.2 version. In the version 0.22.0 I get this:

Please, can anyone help me?

Hi @DiegoProtec,

what’s the error on 0.23.2? Can you please share your logs?

I got nothing, not has log. It just doesn’t start, without errors or infos.

@DiegoProtec Can you please try overwriting the docker image CMD with this CMD ["sh", "-c", "user_id=$(id -u) && echo rasa:x:${user_id}:0:root:/root:/app >> /etc/passwd && python -m rasax.community.server"] ?

E.g. in docker-compose it would be:

 - sh
 - -c 
 - echo rasa:x:${user_id}:0:root:/root:/app >> /etc/passwd && python -m rasax.community.server

Thx! I’ll try.

@DiegoProtec We had a bug in the Rasa X CE 0.23.0, 0.23.1 and 0.23.2 release. Please use 0.23.3. Sorry for the inconvenience!