Rasa-Production & Rasa-Worker can't start and have no logs in Docker

HI.guys I have run a RasaX image on Docker in Win10-Hyper-V. So the problem is out. Rasa-Production Image & Rasa-Worker Image can not be started. I had increams Docker memory to 20GB, and cpu 8 cores. But the problem is still be there. Can anyone help me? Thanks! credentials.yml (32 Bytes) docker-compose.override.yml (134 Bytes) docker-compose.yml (4.1 KB) endpoints.yml (677 Bytes) environments.yml (155 Bytes) rasa_x_commands.py (3.1 KB)

Hi @jingj5, welcome to the forum. It’s hard to tell without any logs, but I’d highly recommend you follow the guide for installing Rasa X on windows 10: [TOOL/GUIDE] Unofficial RasaX Quick Install script for a pure Windows machine or alternatively use the One-Line Deploy Script with multipass.