Can't start rasa-x anymore. Stuck in DB-Migration, docker-compose up

Used to work fine. Changed some endpoints I had to, and docker-composed up again, now bot wont respond me, cause rasa-x wont load and I dont know why. I’m pretty sure endpoints are all set up right

rasa-production container logs:

rasa-db container logs:

rasa-db-migrations logs:

rasa-x logs:

@vapdev can you please share the docker-compose or related docker files, credentials.yml, and endpoints.yml files for reference.

@vapdev can you even share docker ps ?

This is endpoints.yml


These are the containers running

Docker compose

Docker compose override

@vapdev can you tell me why you are using rasa-production, rasa-worker, and selenium. Any reference link which you like to share which you followed ?

I use selenium for web scraping in a custom action I have. I cant tell correctly why I’m using rasa production and rasa worker, because it wasnt me who set up docker and stuff. Lately ive just been building new images and composing up again

I found out what was happening. I had to chown 1001 the database folder

@vapdev Great you solved it and good luck for your project.

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