Rasa with sqlite

my dataset for hotel can provide for you price and area and also rating of hotels in my customer actions I set three slots one of price and also for rating ,area but I have no idea how to manage my slots with sql dataset in my code nothings work any idea …and based on my slots give you the equivalent answer should I use . format() but I have two slots also how I manage that in my code …??? i have no idea to solve it … .and thx

So I imagine a workflow like

  1. Triggering a custom action
  2. Querying the database in custom action
  3. Return SlotSet events with the results.\

Is that somewhat similar what you are trying to do? In which of these steps are you struggling?

hey thanks for your replay @Tobias_Wochinger , but I do not know the three steps can you help me I use three slots for price and rating, area and also how to query the database and event in slots please help of give clear view thank you a lot