How let my bot get the answers form my dataset and save all slots infornmations

my dataset for hotel can provide for you price and area and also rating of hotels in my customer actions I set three slots one of price and also for rating ,area but I have no idea how to manage my slots with sql dataset in my code nothings work any idea …and based on my slots give you the equivalent answer should I use . format() but I have two slots also how I manage that in my code …??? i have no idea to solve it … .and thx

Hi @hajoura. Can you share with what have you tried? In your custom actions you should be able the retrieve the slots values using a method tracker.get_slot('slot_name') and use it to query the database. What db are you using?

in my customer action I use form action but it does not work at all . and in my query I use .format not working(). sorry I did not understand your question What db are you using?

Hey @hajoura. You mentioned that you want want to manage the slots with sql dataset - I assumed you want to use the slots to query the data in your custom actions.

To help you out, I need to see your file as well as domain. Could you please share them here?

thank you for your answer I will share all my code with you just I want to finish handling some last things I will do that thx again

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