Rasa version 2.4.0 code not compatible with recents updates

Hi For days now I’ve been trying to train my model on colab but it’s not working. it keeps giving me out an error saying one of my responses is not found, meanwhile it’s there and well defined like all the others. I recently saw in the docs that there are updates on rasa open source so I was wondering if it’s not the fact that my code is not compatible with the recent versions (the “!pip install rasa” command on colab just installs the latest version), as far as I recall everything was fine with version 2.4.0

can someone please help me ?

Could you share how you’ve defined the response in question? Is it a response to a retrieval intent? Is the error fatal?

The error is not fatal, and it’s not a response to a retrieval intent it’s just a qna. below are screenshots of the error and the response definition (line 22) Note that I generated the file from an online dataset that’s why the name have symbols (but it has not been a problem so far)

hello , you have action named as utter_goodbye and and other is utter_Goodbye! also don’t use stop words in responses

@KhunJahad, I think you’re right. @amaelbogne: the response names have to match exactly.

I’m not sure what you mean by “don’t use stop words in responses”?

my bad , i meant to say punctuation marks in response names …

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Ah, gotcha :slight_smile: