Rasa is not responding

when i initialised my bot using rasa init it was reponding but now after creting retrieval intents it is not reponding to basic greet queries But whn i check using

rasa shell nlu

it was predicting veryting with correct confidence

Could you clarify what did you try after adding retrieval intents?

what i did was added

  1. rule policy in config.yml
  2. Defined retrieval intents in COnfig.yml under Response selector part
  3. Made changes to nlu file
  4. defined intent in domain file

one more issue my retrieval intent name is ‘faq’ so i defined various utters according to it’s retrieval intents

so while using

rasa train

i get this

UserWarning: Action ‘utter_faq’ is listed as a response action in the domain file, but there is no matching response defined. Please check your domain.

you need to define the responses in the domain.yaml

Did you follow this guide?

i have already done that

Since this is a user warning, i am not sure if this is the issue which is blocking you.

Can you share more details what is the blocking issue for you?

no it is not blocking just wnated to get rid of the warning

my bot is not responding with correct answers after i have created a retrieval intent ( 2 intents ) should i create more of them to improve results ?

you should probably add more examples… it dpends on the config.yml and your data