Rasa user session management

I need some help. Given below the scenario

  • Multiple users login into my web application
  • Multiple Users/webapp-sessions (Say 100) simultaneously uses the chat-bot implemented with RASA-Stack

How can i manage the user-session in RASA ? will RASA creates a new session for each request ? Do I need to manage user session in my application level ? If RASA handles user session, is there any limit of user session handling ?

Please help me. Thanks in advance !

Also please put necessary links here, to read

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No Rasa Core should handle this out of the box, you should use a different tracker store than the in memory one though, e.g. the MongoTrackerStore or the RedisTrackerStore

@souvikg10 I have also same doubt. I am using events_after_latest_restart() function to fetch the conversation. But i wanna know how to pass my own conversation id to a user and then save it in mongotrackerstore accordingly.


Yeah, I want to know how do I extract the conversation after every action_restart()

Hi, I am new to Rasa. Could you point me to any resource that helps understand how to set up Rasa for multiple user. My bot only replies to my default Slack Workspace and not in any other workspace where is has been installed.

Hi, Rasa already manage user sessions, each session is identified by a conversation_id. When you send a user message to rasa webhook (telegram, facebook, socket.io, etc …) you will also indicate a sender_id in the message.

In the webhook code, the sender_id is sent as a conversation_id to Rasa Core.

If you don’t store conversations on a db (MongoTrackerStore , RedisTrackerStore, …) and everything remains in memory, of course sessions will be lost when stop Rasa process.

If you want to create a new user session, or read a session_id from a database, you have to modify the webhook code and pass the right conversation_id.


Hey, Thank for your reply. Can you point me towards any handy tutorial or resource for the same.

Did anyone find any resources for the same?

Any resources for this?

In which file I need to modify the webhook code?

hey, where;s the webhook code? and where do we need to make changes? can you elaborate a bit?

Hi. I’m new to rasa. 2 months into it. I want to manage user sessions from the position where they left off previously. I need to build a workflow based on previous N inputs from the client.

How do I start?