Multiple simultaneous chat conversation

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How we can run multiple chat window simultaneous. Currently i can talk one at a time. I used GitHub - scalableminds/chatroom: React-based Chatroom Component for Rasa Stack for UI.

From my understanding you need to enable it by using the appropriate tracker store. You should probably look at using the RedisTrackerStore rasa_core/ at 95e430f3a6307b82cac0509f0db9d4472fd46709 · RasaHQ/rasa_core · GitHub

Hi Aanchan , Thanks for your response. I am using mongodbstore , but when one user is asking something other user is on waiting state

Hi All ,

Anyone already worked on live chat please help me. How rasa is handling multiple user.

I have never used scalableminds/chat but I made recent tests with the rasa-webchat, a package we maintain. The socket id is used as the sender id, so handling multiple conversations is not a problem. Using an external tracker store is useful for persistence or horizontally scalable deployments, but not required for simultaneous conversations. The MemoryTrackerstore works just fine.

Hi Nathan ,

Thanks for advice. I will check it

Hi @neerajb1,

Kindly share the what you have got on multi chat on the rasa. I am also exploring the same issue. I would share if I find something on this.



Hi, I faced the same issue. U can solve by using different sender id

Use user_id=tracker.sender_id to get sender id

HI, What the ConversationID in the conversations/{conversation_id}/messages would be? If I want to start a new conversation where I can get this before adding messages to the tracker?

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Figure this out. Just need to generate random conversation id

@znat Can you please explain if possible? I’m quite confused right now as I can only chat to the chatbot from one client. If I load my chatbot UI multiple times, the server still only understands the messages as one client, not as multiple.

Is Rasa multithreaded? How do I get the server to deal with multiple, simultaneous clients?

Any help is hugely appreciated. Thanks!

@hemamalini, In which function we need use this user_id=tracker.sender_id ? Actually i am initiating a conversation from my custom web page using rest api.

url: "http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook",
	contentType:"application/json; charset=utf-8",
			"sender":"{conversation_id}",// Here we need to pass conversation id. ( May be we can generate a random number and pass it, right?)

still its not clear for me. If you have any sample please provide, that will be very helpfull.

@alihejazi did you get any solution?

Anyone with the solution for this ? Is it on git ? Thanks for your help in advance!