Rasa UI Training Issue

The issue is regarding training of the model.

uploading more screen shots regarding this error. Whenever i click on start training button it gives me this all error prompts.

@Poojan66 this seems to be a Rasa UI issue. Please refer to thei github account GitHub - paschmann/rasa-ui: Rasa UI is a web application for the Rasa NLU backend

Can help me how to integrate rasa with rasa-ui ? rasa-ui is running but all the fields are empty.

I do not file tree of rasa in rasa-ui. @Poojan66 @EPedrotti These are commands I have used

npm start

python3 -m rasa_core.run -d models/dialogue -u models/nlu/Auto/Auto --port 5002 --enable_api

python3 -m rasa_nlu.server -c nlu.yml --path models/nlu --port 5000 “”"