Training RASA NLU data using RASA-UI 😎

Hey Folks,now creating & training RASA NLU models is made easy using RASA-UI,i have created a video tutorial,make sure you don’t miss it :wink:

hope this helps all,if you are facing any issue you can reply me back… Thanks all & RASA :slight_smile:


hey @JiteshGaikwad I’ve been struggling to figure out how to use it. I was grateful when i found your video .but its not available now.Can you please provide the link to the video again Thanks in advance !

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hey @caroline_sahrudayi sorry for the inconvenience due to some reason I had to delete my YouTube channel and due to which the video is not available but soon I will be back with my new YouTube channel and amazing tutorials such as one above, stay tuned :wink:

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Hi Jitesh,

I am not able to train Nlu Model.I am facing an error if I Use RasaNLUModelConfig and RasaNluConfig. I Tried to train the model using both Json format and Markdown file but errors is always showing.It would be great if you can help me how to solve this.

I am also unable to view the above video as video is un available.

Your early reply would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Karthik.

@JiteshGaikwad any update ? Have integrated the rasa-ui v3 ?

I am facing issue integration. I do not file tree of rasa in ui. All fields are showing empty, though rasa is connect with ui.

Hi, we have developed an open source tool (GUI) for training RASA bots. Try it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

The documentation link for the above repo is mentioned below.

hey @JiteshGaikwad ,I am using rasa-ui to train my robot. I have encountered some trouble.Could you provide the new video resources above, or do you have an email to communicate with? Thanks


The video is not working can u pls upload once again

thanks, Bharath

I will upload the new video soon.