Rasa train and rasa init commands are not working on ubuntu

I was trying to run the rasa train command. But when I run I am getting Illegal instruction error nothing else on the screen. Could you please guide me how to solve this problem. Thanks a lot in advance…:slight_smile:

Looks like a problem that I’m literally fighting with atm: Rasa uses the tensorflow library for mathematical calculations and the error message “Illegal instruction” pops up, when tensorflow wants to use features that your computer doesn’t have, most probably the AVX instruction set.

What you can do:

  • Look here for a binary of tensorflow that fits your configuration, is version 2.1.0 and says “no avx” (you probably wont find it tho)

  • Build tensorflow from sources by yourself, which can be kinda tricky


  • 3rd option: use another computer with a newer CPU for AVX support