Rasa T-Shirt Offer

I actually go this prompt a few times when using Rasa X now, and entered my E-Mail address in the window that pops up right after, but never received a mail. I even tried with different addresses. Is this maybe a scam I fell for?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Jessi. We are going to get shirts to everyone who filled out the form. It’s been a challenge to ship during COVID times, so it’s taking longer than we expected. You should get an email shortly with more information :slight_smile:

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That’s a really cool action from Rasa :slight_smile: I was just worried I fell for a scam, thanks for clearing that up!

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Hey @tyd @amn41 . I had filled the form earlier(maybe a month ago) but haven’t got any emails regarding the same. Can you please look into it. I have got the pop up message twice but haven’t received any mails.

Same here, but it must be over a month since I filled out this form.
At first I thought it was a joke… but since it doesn’t look like one, I’ll wear it to work as soon as I get it :wink:

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Hi @RBenjaminfranklin @JosephCHS. I checked in on things, and you should hear from someone on the Rasa team shortly. There has been issues with tax costs and shipping delays because of COVID that we have been working through. Thanks for your patience :heart:

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Hi, I have also got this pop-up, this will be very inspiring. Do you keep getting some offers the more you use it ?

Yes @may basically you may get the same notification several times when you use rasa x for a long time. I have got the notification 3 times( when I have used rasa x the most ).

Also did this, but got no email back :man_shrugging:

@may @sum1l0st You should get emails shortly :slight_smile:

I recieved this message too. I was working on my bot and thought this was a joke so I wrote my email address in a hurry. I wrote @gmai.com instead of @gmail.com. Now there is no way to edit it. Please help!

@Anubhav I corrected it. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi even I got the same prompt and I have filled the form with my details. But did not get any acknowledgement mail :sweat_smile: It’s been like 2 weeks I have been checking emails each and every day since the day I have submitted the form.

Hi @venkattejaRaavi. Thanks for your patience. We are handling these in batches, so you should receive an email from us soon :rocket:

Same, filled in but no email :frowning:

i did not get the popup, even i am using rasa :smiley:

Hi @tyd Even I got pop up last few weeks ago, but no communication afterwards, really great motivator to use Rasa, but no communication after that!

FYI… we successfully implemented and deployed Rasa Chatbot for Capstone project, Great frame work!!! Big Thumbs Up to Rasa team…

Hi @balasubba. We handle these in batches, so you will hear from someone on the Rasa team soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply @tyd…Have fun…

i did not get the popup :frowning: