Rasa and Slack integration

Hi everyone,

Recently I asked about making my Slack bot available all the time and got suggested to clone it to a public host.

With Google Cloud Platform, I managed to do it eventually and it now runs perfectly with rasa shell on this VM instance with public IP address. But I cannot connect it to Slack, keep getting warning saying “URL does not respond with challenge parameter”.

Have anyone tried connecting Slack and Rasabot with a public IP before? If yes, can you please show me how can I do that?

Have a nice week!

Hi @mia.le0711, in order for your bot to respond to the challenge parameter, it has to be running rasa run before you input the url, as slack will send a challenge to the running server to confirm it will connect.

Hi @erohmensing, thanks for your reply. What about the URL under “rasa” in credentials yaml file? Will it still be localhost?

Ah, so it depends how you have Rasa deployed. If you are running rasa run locally, you’ll have to use ngrok to make your localhost available to the rest of the internet: Messaging and Voice Channels

If you’ve deployed rasa open source via Rasa X, it will be the IP or domain name of wherever your rasa x instance is located.