Rasa SDK and Tracker Store


I have a question regarding the usage of Rasa SDK, namely:

  • we have two projects, one with a rasa chatbot and one with the custom rasa actions as SDK.
  • in rasa chatbot we configured endpoints.yml in such a way, that is uses the SQL as a tracker store and communicates with the action server.

We have two separate containers – one for the bot and one for actions, and it seems, like actions do not use the SQL Tracker, but try to access the InMemory Tracker store, which causing us problems.

I would appreciate if someone helps to configure both properly such that actions using the SQL Tracker store as well.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Alena,

is there a reason why you’ve split up the custom actions with the Rasa core part into seperate projects? Also, do you run the containers with Rasa X or without it?