Rasa tracker_store

I have installed rasa-x 0.34.0, rasa ==2.1.2 and rasa-sdk ==2.1.2 , i configured postgre as tracker store. After that rasa creates rasa.db . i want rasa.db in Postgre and how to do it?

Hi @b22sk2. Can you confirm that you completed all of the steps listed in the docs?

Yes of course, after configuration there is only one table created with name events DB.

@b22sk2 Is that events db is in SQLite or Postgres?


@b22sk2 Okay. I think I understand what you are asking for now. You have set up your tracker store to use Postgres instead of the InMemoryTrackerStore. The default db in your Postgres database should be rasa.db according to the docs, but I think you are saying that it is still creating rasa.db in the file system. When you send and receive messages, does it store the tracker in the Postgres tracker store or in the InMemoryTrackerStore?

here is my endpoints.yml it creates only events table .

  url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"
  type: sql
  dialect: "postgresql"
  db: rasa_x  
# the dialect used to interact with the db
  url: "XX.XX.XX.XX"
  login_db: rasa
  username: XXXXXX# username used for authentication
  password: XXXXXX # password used for authentication

@b22sk2 Why is your db rasa_x rather rasa as in the docs?

Thanks for the reply . I followed docker-compose deployment and resolved the issue.