SQL Tracker_store

core=0.14.0a1 nlu= 0.15.0a4 :

** python : 3.6.5** :


Issue : hello rasa friend i have a issue for how to work the tracker store i´ll see what this version of rasa core supports SQL database and i don´t know how to connect anyone know, i´ll put al the tracker store credentials in the endpoints.yml but i have no answers

Perhaps the master version of the Core docs will be of help – that’s where the documentation of is yet unreleased feature can be found :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@erohmensing i’ll check the master version docs but not works, and that it’s the version i’ll use

Hm can you describe specifically the problem or error you’re having trying to connect?

any error, i do the comand for active the bot an put the credentials in the endpoints.yml and the bots run normally so i’ll suposse don’t have error but the bot don’t save nothing