Rasa response time degradation


My first phase of rasa bot is almost complete and now during testing i came to notice that the response time of bot is getting degraded from 0.1 seconds to 0.7 seconds for each user_id + timestamp.For each new user_id + timestamp the speed gets improved back to 0.1 seconds. I guess it something related with the tracker store. If so how can i solve this???

Hi @Anand_Menon,

are you using the InMemory-Tracker store? Have you tried different stores?

Regards Julian


You could write a custom tracker that only records recent events (i.e. gets rid of all old events). Doing this will result in sustained performance. But, if you require the conversation history, you should probably put it somewhere else (maybe other table or other collection) which doesn’t need to get serialized and de-serialized every single time the message is passed.

Hope that helps.

Currently i am using redis tracker store

I really can’t get rid of the old events and logs since these information will be used for further analytics. I will try persisting these logs into some tables and check if there is any improvements.

Using tracker store as analytics store is generally a bad idea. You should close the trackers that are old and irrelevant and offload them to a dedicated persistent storage for future analytics.