Are RedisTrackerStore and RedisLockStore helpful?

Hello! I have been doing experiments to check how the Rasa model (with some simple intents) performs with 10, 20, 50. etc users messaging the bot concurrently in the background. Initially, I tested it with the InMemoryTrackerStore and InMemoryLockStore. I was looking at the time it takes to get a response back from the bot and recorded it for these instances.

It seems that as the users ping the bot, the time delay for a response gets longer. So for example for 10 users pinging the bot in the background, it takes 0.5 seconds for a user to receive a response at the beginning of the experiment, then as the 10 users keep messaging the bot in the background, this response time increases to 0.6 seconds, 0.7 and so on as time goes by.

I tested with one or both of the RedisTrackerStore and RedisLockStore. However, the response time is still gradually increasing over time as the users keep pinging the bot. I thought that the Reids tracker would fix this issue. I am confused as to why that is the case. Have I done something wrong?

The memory speed is more than redis with data used.

That’s not strange.

Did you think the RedisTrackerStore speed is more than InMemoryTrackerStore

Hi I updated my question so it’s more clear. Do you mind telling me what you think about it now?

I am looking to prevent this increase in response time as the users keep messaging the bot over time.

Predict user action depend on user past msg.

The more messages you have, the more data rasa need to process. So the speed will down.

How much will down is not certain, you can use performance test tool to check it.

You can also see this issue.