Rasa bot is responding very slow

rasa bot gets slow if conversation get long. i was wondering if there is any way to remove only half history from tracker after a short period of time or any other solution which can resolve this issue

You can limit number of stored events by setting max_event_history to some finite int: rasa/trackers.py at 4dec6f95e42e1962e2f2fa30fc7de86c5e92ff8d · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Did you solve this?

Which tracker store are you using @rasafan?

I’m using SQL but I’ve solved this issue, there was set timeout in the chat backend from another developer.

I am facing this issue. But in local I get faster replies, I deployed my model into was ec2 instance, but the bot takes a lot of time (01 mint) respond. What could be the reason for that?

Could you explain what timeout in the chat backend? I am facing the similar issue!

Hi there, I am also facing the same issue. Chatbot response is fast without connecting to DB(MYSQL). When I connected the chatbot to DB to store all chats, the response is slow and sometimes it is stopping without giving the response.

Hello @praveenmg I have the exact same problem. When I connect to a MYSQL server to store the conversation, the responses are getting slower and slower and eventually stop (probably from mysql tracker store crash). Have you found a fix?