Rasa 已经建立了一个官方 QQ 群:820037374。欢迎各位加入。|| Rasa already set up an official QQ group: 820037374

In Chinese:

为了更好的供中国地区的 Rasa 用户相互交流学习,Rasa 已经建立了一个官方 QQ 群:820037374。欢迎各位加入。

In English:

For better communicate with each other in China, Rasa already set up an official QQ group: 820037374.


Do you got wechat group ? I am in Australia want to join but I am not using QQ any more.

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Yes, we have a wechat group for China community but which is not as large as QQ group. Since I can’t add anyone to this group if I am not yours wechat friend by wechat rules. My wechat ID is here-we-meet, introduce yourself as a rasa user, then I will know who is you.

hi, i can’t find your wechat ID here-we-meet. Is there another way to contact you? We are looking for some help on RASA

Hi, I sent you Wechat fiend request.

:grinning: Great!


Please send friend request @JossieGo

被问 1-1+1 = ? 然后我回答错了。。。

Can you do “Help Friend Register” for me since I’m opening my wechat account so I can join the wechat rasa group? @xiabai84