Rasa Community in Singapore


(Rajesh Boyalla) #1

Hey everyone!

Do we have Rasa Community members in Singapore? I am sure we have! :slight_smile:

We now have a brand new Rasa User Group in Singapore and if you are based in Singapore and want to be part of this group, please make sure to join and keep sharing your insights / Q&A with the members here !!. We can definitely plan for some helpful events and meetups in future upon the members interest.

Please help to make this community a right place for Rasa & AI enthusiasts :slight_smile:

(Juste) #2

Hey @RajeshB! So happy to hear about the user group in Singapore! :star_struck: Keep us updated on the upcoming events/meetups! Is there a meetup group or any other platform for Rasa User Group in Singapore people can join? :slight_smile: