Rasa Community in China


(Xiaoquan Kong) #1

Hello everyone,

Rasa already set up an official QQ group: 820037374 for China community.

We will share knowledges, best practices, news, organize event together in this group.

Everyone are welcome to join this group.


Rasa 已经设立了一个官方的 QQ 交流群:820037374。



(Neptune) #2

It seems not many Chinese in this community yet

(Vinicivs) #3

I’m not Chinese but live in Shanghai. Do anyone here tried to use Rasa with Chinese characters? How it performs?

(Xiaoquan Kong) #4

By using default pipeline it not as good as english but if you configure the pipeline and the components carefully it will performance well too.

(Vinicivs) #5

Thanks for replying mate! It is really good to know that a Chinese bot is possible with Rasa :slight_smile: I just expect to b able to develop it. To be honest I need first to gain some knowledge about the platform. I was trying a video tutorial but on my machine I received many errors probably due libraries inconsistencies. Anyway I will start back with the basic readings later on this week and I expect to have a functional bot soon. I would like to ask you, I saw that you created a QQ group, what about weixin?

(Xiaoquan Kong) #6

Hi Vinicivs, Rasa has a China official community group for Wechat but it’s not for such technology, I think. My Wechat is here-we-meet, you can directly add me as friend.