Rasa password

Hello everyone, I’m trying to find Rasa X password, but i didn’t find anything. Otherwise how can i get the same token that i get after connecting to Rasa x.

Thank you for your help :smile:

Hey @AJb,

If you look in the console when you start it up it has the password in the url so you can just use that.

Thank you @btotharye for your response. Is there some way to make the password static ??

Currently in CE edition there is not a way to do this I believe, you can change it once you have it up in the GUI but it won’t stay that way if you shut the server down.

How can I get the token generated while connecting to rasa x ???

Do you mind clarifying what token you are referencing? Thanks

When you connect to rasa x, there’s a token generated with username, password

My question is : is there some API that i can use to get this token ?

Yes you can use HTTP API to look at the spec but you would make a POST call to http://localhost:5002/api/auth with the JSON payload of:

	"username": "me",
	"password": "password_from_cli"

Thank you @btotharye :innocent:

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