How to create a password for rasa x instead of randomly generated password?

Hey everyone, when i run rasa x it generates a random password. Can i myself create/set a password for rasa x instead on randomly generated password?

Hi there, in CE I don’t think this is possible. Why do you ask? Do you usually keep your Rasa X instance running, or launch it whenever you use it?

I launch it whenever i use it

Then you should be able to click the launch link in the command line right? :slight_smile: Or rather it should even just launch logged-in on its own

That’s right, but is there any way to change password when we run rasa x?

You can under the “me” tab at the bottom left -> change password, however I don’t think that will stay when you launch it next time.

That never stays same for next launch.

Right, as I mentioned, as far as I know, there’s no way to create a username that persists through after you shut down the server.

ok, thanks @erohmensing :slight_smile:

@erohmensing when i run rasa x on ubuntu server it shows the password in terminal and the content goes up very fast and i am unable to get password or when i copy password it stops the server. please help.

It sounds like you’re maybe using ctrl-C to copy which is stopping the server – are you running ubuntu on a windows machine or something? if you hold down command are you able to click the start-up link?